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Heya! Welcome to Techy Darshan Forum This forum was created for out of our topics / off topic. you can make a post / comment or answer comments here. Also you ask your any questions or doubts here. We will try to help out of there :)

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  1. Hello Guys!
    You can ask any questions or doubts here via Comments.
    1. 🤠
    2. Welcome guruji
  2. Tumhare theme ka source code copy kar liya hai

    SovyTest blogspot
    1. You are only admin in that site :)
  3. Can I please Get your Blog Template Name, or download link Please
    1. It paid at
  4. Hi bro
    1. Hello Shiva!
  5. Hlw Darshan please you can add my site on your partner page.... I want to add your site on my website... Tum mere website ma ja kar dekh sakte ho mera website
  6. Hellp sir can you make tutorial how to make safelink converter page? Like yout template
  7. Hi Bro How are You
    1. Hello :)
  8. Hi bro.
    Can I add my site to your Partner page?
    Also, I will add your site to my partner page.
  9. iCenter
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  10. hello sir please create a artical on Safelink
    how to create safelink like
  11. Classic UI. & RT Manager.
    This comment has been removed by the author.
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