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How To Get 600+ Backlinks For Free To Your Website ?

In this post I have made a step by tutorial on How To Get 600+ Backlinks For Free To Your Website. As the Backlink plays very Important role in site

In this article I have shared a tutorial on How To Get 600+ Backlinks For Free To Your Website ?


Hello Everyone! I am Techy DarshaN, Today on this occasion our Tutorial is How To Get 600+ Backlinks For Free To Your Website. As Backlinks play an Important in Search Engine Algorithm, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and overall strategy for growing your website in addition Backlinks also help you to Rank in the Top 10 search results of Google and you can get a lots of Traffic and also and if you have a Adsense approve site backlinks also help you to Earn more by getting traffic to your site. 

Toady in this I am going to share a method in which you can get both Do-follow and No-follow backlinks from High authority sites for free. 

What are Backlinks?

Backlink, It is also known as "Inbound Links", "Incoming Links" and One way links". Backlink is a Referring link from one Website to another Website. Search engines like Google consider Backlinks as "votes" for a particular Page or Website. In addition Google use Backlink as a Ranking Signal, Websites which have Higher number of High Quality Backlinks tend to have high Organic Search Engine Ranking and Appear most in Top Google search engine  results. 

How Does The Backlinks Work? 

Backlinks between one website and another website work like trust signals for the search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo etc. Backlinks play an very Important role in Search Engine Algorithm, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and overall strategy to grow your website fast and Rank it on Google search results. The easiest way to think about Backlinks is conversation between one website and another website. The more Backlinks you get from the high authority website the more your website will appear in Google search results and help to get organic traffic.

For example, John is Blogger, he writes a interesting informative post on a Festival Event. Another Blogger Smitha, links to John's post in her website when sharing her perspective. Since Smitha writes about the Topic on her well known online magazine website, It creates a Backlink to the John's post.

Since Smitha's Online Magazine site is very popular and getting organic traffic from google, many other website will link back to her site. This increases the Domain Authority and Post Authority of her online magazine site, and also John's article get valuable backlink from a high authority trustable site.

So, You should always make backlinks from a high authority sites.

Types of Backlinks

Nofollow backlink tells search engines like google, bing and yahoo to ignore a link. They don’t pass any value from one site to another site. So, typically they aren’t helpful in improving your search rank or visibility.

A Dofollow backlink are the type of backlink that everyone wants to make for their site. Just keep in mind that those backlinks coming from respected sites hold the most value from google search results. This kind of backlink can help improve your search engine rankings. However, there are Do-follow links that are considered being bad or ‘toxic’. These links come from suspicious sites or are gained by breaking the search engine terms of your site. Remember, it’s not about the quantity of backlinks, but rather the quality that makes the difference in ranking.

So, keep in mind whenever you make a backlink try to make a Do-follow Backlink.

How To Get 600+ Backlinks For Free To Your Website ?

First of to get Backlinks from high authority sites we must comment backlinking or write about site in their website or write a short form of your post but most of the websites don't allow the users to create a profile in their site or do comments in their site. So, we must find the high authority sites in which we can create our profile or can make comments in  their site.

To find these sites and make our work easy we using a Free Platform called  H-Super Tools go and Register or Log in it's totally Free to use. [ signing up is not compulsory]
Step 1: After creating a New Account, Select the drop down menu 
Step 2: Choose Backlinks List, Now your will be redirected to new page as shown below image


Without Registering you may get only 100 Backlink providing sites to get 600+ you must register in the site

Step 4: Now you see more than 600 sites with high authority and the type of backlinks they provide
Step 5: Now choose the sites with high authority and which offers Do-follow backlinks 
Step 6: Go and Register to that sites and create your profile
Step 7: Now make a short form of your article and post in the websites and paste your article link at the end or you can also make comment Backlinks by writing a short description about your blog and add your blog URL.
That's All! About Making 600+ Backlinks for your site


In this post I have made a step by tutorial on How To Get 600+ Backlinks For Free To Your Website. As the Backlink plays very Important role in site ranking and better SEO it is very useful to make backlinks for your site. I hope you have liked this post and please do share with friends and follow up our blog for awesome content.

If have any questions or doubts please feel free to ask in comments sections or you can our Telegram Group for discussion. 

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